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All Ready To Summit Your Payment And Music Project For Mastering?

Studio at the Black Star Lions provides 2 options by which you can submit your music project and your payment for mastering service.


The first option provided for you saves you time and travel expenses by enabling you to e-mail your already mixed down to stereo music project in wave or the highest resolution MP3 format to and conveniently submit your payment for your mastered music project by mobile money to 0244817459. Your mastered music project will then be delivered to the email from which it was originally received within three to seven business days depending on the number of songs to be mastered on your music project. Take advantage of our discount offer for multiple songs where every 6th song on your music project is mastered free of charge. Yes, if you have a twelve song project two of your songs are mastered at no charge. For an eighteen song project, three of your songs are mastered for free. The more songs the greater your discount. 


While recording service is by appointment only, your second option, with no appointed needed, allows you to bring your already mixed down to stereo music project with your payment for mastering to our Black Star Lions complex located in Ghana's eastern region near Atimpoku on the East side of the Adomi bridge on Akwamufie road about 1.5 kilometers North of the bridge on the East side of the road. Projects brought to the Black Star Lions complex for mastering can also be delivered to your email to save you a trip back just as projects submitted by email can also be picked up at our complex during our regular service hours. Or, give us a call. Often times we are open long after our normal service hours. For more info and our current recording and mastering service fees call us at 0244817459.  

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