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Wondering how you can prepare your music project for the best possible mastering?


Did you know Studio at the Black Star Lions also masters for other studios? If your choice is to record your music project in a studio other than Studio at the Black Star Lions, it will be our pleasure to master your music project for you also. No problem! If you are a recording studio owner desiring to free up more of your time for your customers and other projects or perhaps are not quite set up for audio mastering and wanting to offer mastering service to your customers, it will be Studio at the Black Star Lions pleasure to do your mastering for you. 

Now, here's how you or your recording engineer can prepare your music project for the best possible mastering. In addition to leaving the sample rate and bit depth in its original format, the peak level of your master bus should be below -3dB and above -9dB to allow ample room for the processes of mastering. Also, after achieving your desired multi-track to stereo mix down avoid adding compression, limiting and EQ to your music project on your master bus. These applications along with other sound enhancing applications are all part of the audio mastering process and will be skillfully and scientifically applied to your music project by our Black Star Lions' recording and mastering engineer. Applying these prior to submitting your project for mastering can result in an over processed music project jeopardizing that mainstream final result.

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